YeahRight's "Dueling Douchebags" Aristocrats Joke

A family walks into a talent agency. It's a father, mother, son, daughter and dog. The father says to the talent agent, "We have a really amazing act. You should represent us."

The agent says, "Sorry, I don't represent family acts. They're a little too cute."

The mother says, "Sir, if you just see our act, we know you would want to represent us."

The agent says, "OK. OK. I'll take a look."

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The father snaps his fingers, and everyone strips. The father snaps again, and the dog reaches down into a box, pulling up a mouthful of amply filled douchebags. The dog trots around the room, letting everyone remove one bag from the dog's mouth. There is one left in the dog's mouth, and the agent asks why there is an extra bag. The father tells him it's a surprise, and to be patient. The dog puts the extra douchebag on the agent's desk.

The father snaps his fingers, and the mother bends over with her ass facing the son while she spreads her ass cheeks wide with her hands. The son takes her douchebag, and inserts the nozzle into the mother's anus. The agent comments that this is more like an enema than a douche, so the mother tells him to shut the fuck up and just sit back and enjoy the act. The son squirts part of the bag's contents into the mother's tight puckered little dimpled asshole. The son removes the nozzle, and little droplets of douche fluid ooze out the bunghole. The father snaps his fingers, and the mother lets loose, shooting a hard stream of fluid into the son's face. The son catches as much of the shit stained fluid in his mouth as he can, then proceeds over to the father and spits the fluid into the father's mouth. Meanwhile, the mother takes the remaining fluid in her bag and fills her twat with it. She then cups her hands below her crotch, and shoots the fluid into her hands. The dog comes over and both she and the dog start lapping the fluid in her hands.

Meanwhile, the daughter has been filling her own little quim with her own douchebag. Being that the daughter is small and has limited vaginal and cervical space, her entire pussy area starts to swell. The father starts pressing on the daughter's pussy, and douche fluid sprays violently out of the tiny orifice. The dog starts leaping through the stream; the agent is really impressed with that part of the act.

The father and son both take their douchebags and shove them into their own sphincters, filling their rectums until they're both fully aroused with purple-tipped woodies. The father turns his back toward the son, and the son jams his little pecker into the father's wet anus. The son starts humping in and out, his dick getting wetter with each stroke. The son then lets out a loud moan as he starts to cum, and at the same time, the father starts bearing down on his shitting muscles. Suddenly, the douche fluid squirts violently out the father's colon, pushing the son's dick out, the son getting a faceful of douche fluid and his own cum. The daughter goes over and starts licking the son's face, while the mother goes over to tongue the father's asshole and lick up the cum-and-douche combination.

The father says to the agent, "Remember you asked why there's an extra douchebag?" Before the agent can say anything, the son and daughter grab the agent, bend him over his desk, and lower his pants. The son spreads the agent's ass cheeks while the daughter inserts the nozzle into his ass. The dog comes over and starts licking the agent's ball sack from behind as the daughter is emptying every ounce of the douche fluid deep into the agent's bowels. The daugther withdraws the nozzle, but the son quickly inserts a rather large cork into the agent's anus. The agent can barely speak as the son and daughter stand him up. The father starts to give the agent a hand job, and then when he's fully erect, the dog starts to blow him. The agent begins to moan as he starts to cum. His jizz spurts into the dog's waiting mouth. At this point, there is so much energy rushing through the agent, the cork pops out of his ass and a long steady stream of douche fluid begins to soak everybody in the room. When the spraying stops, the mother and son take turns licking the agent's ass clean. The father begins kissing the dog, sucking the agent's spunk into his mouth. The daughter licks the agent's cock clean while she masturbates with his pocket calculator.

For the longest time, the agent just sits in silence. Finally, he manages, "That's a hell of an act. What do you call it?"

And the father says, "The Aristocrats!"


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