Rulistenen's "The Aristocrats have Dessert" Aristocrats Joke

A family walks into a talent agency. It's a father, mother, son, daughter and dog. The father says to the talent agent, "We have a really amazing act. You should represent us."

The agent says, "Sorry, I don't represent family acts. They're a little too cute."

The mother says, "Sir, if you just see our act, we know you would want to represent us."

The agent says, "OK. OK. I'll take a look."

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The curtain opens on a formal table with the father and mother at either end. Candelabras, silver, china and service dishes are on the table. The mother in evening dress says, “Well then, shall we invite the children in for dessert?” “Certainly” says the father, who is wearing a dinner jacket. Mother rings a crystal service bell and two children enter. “Hi mum, good evening Father, we helped the cook with dinner” “Oh?” responds the mother. “Yes” replies the seven-year old Sally, “I shit in the soup and Peter pissed in the champagne.” “How clever” responds the father. “Father may I sit in your lap?” asks Sally. “What took you so long to ask, Cuntlet?” He slides his chair back revealing that he’s wearing no trousers, sporting a huge hard-on. He rips open her school uniform blouse, pulls down her skirt and panties and lifts her straddling onto his lap. Facing him her little pussy slides down over his schlong. He forces a tongue kiss on the little girl as he starts fucking her. Meanwhile eleven-year old Peter says “Mum, may I get in your lap?” She slides her chair back, hooks her knees over the arms and reveals a huge hairy snatch as her gown slides back. Peter slides his slacks down, starts jerking off his little dick and dives face first into her gash. The dog aroused, gets up from his sleep under the table and starts ass-fucking the little boy. Sally suddenly jumps off her dad and kneels in time for him to blow his load on her face and mouth while he plays with her little titties. Mother, Peter and the dog all have simultaneous loud orgasms. “Oh by the way, Dear” pants the mother, “we’re having the Gasse-Paynes over for dinner tomorrow” “Splendid” he replies. “Yes” says she “they’re bringing dessert.” The curtain closes as the two parents unload streams of piss on the kneeling kids.

For the longest time, the agent just sits in silence. Finally, he manages, "That's a hell of an act. What do you call it?"

And the father says, "The Aristocrats!"


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